• The Wine Chilling Stick

    Keep your favorite vino perfectly chilled without watering it down with ice by inserting this wine chilling stick into your bottle. This must-have accessory will keep your prized wine at the perfect drinking temperature for up to one hour.

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  • Black Water

    Experience the power of the dark side of h2o with natural black water. Enriched with fulvic acid that creates a natural black color, this unusual bottled water will quench your thirst and melt your brain as you have your world turned upside

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  • Iphone Gag Gift

    The NoPhone Air

    Cure your smartphone addiction by upgrading your expensive phone to the NoPhone Air. This cost-efficient model comes with an impressive 0 GB storage capacity and an impossibly thin, lightweight design that makes it feel as though you’re n

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  • Magic Ice Maker

    Ice Cube Maker Genie silicone

    Fun way to store your Ice, Ice, baby. Put on the song as you jiggle out them cubes.

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  • Beer Ammo Bandolier

    This beer ammo bandolier is the perfect way to carry a 12 pack of beer when tailgating or at parties. If G.I. Joe were an alcoholic, he’d use this beer ammo bandolier. It’s the perfect party themed gift for the raging military man.

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  • Scanmarker Digital Highlighter

    Increase your productivity by creating projects and reports in record time the Scanmarker digital highlighter. Simply slide this handheld scanning pen across a line of printed text and watch it appear instantly on your computer screen!

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  • Female Urination Funnel

    Achieve true gender equality by peeing while standing up with this female urination funnel. Simply place the plastic pink funnel by your hoo-ha and watch as you break gender barriers as you perform the glorious act of urinating while standi

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  • Movie Prop Money

    Make your indie film look as authentic as possible by using the movie prop money stacks for any and all scenes dealing with cash. Each fat stack has been professionally dyed, stained, and given a distressed look to enhance its realism.

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  • Under Desk Gun Holster

    Be prepared for anything the rat race throws at you by keeping your piece handy with the under desk gun holster. The tough synthetic plate features an elastic holster able to accommodate virtually any type of handgun so it’s always there

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