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  • Starry Night Harry Potter Hogwarts

    Simultaneously pay homage to your favorite Post Impressionist and school of witchcraft by brightening up your home with this Starry Nights Harry Potter Hogwarts painting. The iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry is painted in the style

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  • Soylent Liquid Food

    This is the future of food. It provides everything the body needs in a balanced and nutritional drinkable meal. Soylent is a liquid food that tastes like nothing, but provides you with an easy to make healthy meal at your disposal.


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  • Perpetual Energy Sculpture

    Remember that really cool swinging kinetic energy sculpture that was so distracting in the Iron-Man movie? Sure you do. Well it’s real, and you can buy it! This sculpture makes a cool gift idea for the work place to keep you endlessly dis

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  • Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

    This wearable Bluetooth keyboard is the revolutionary new product designed to turn anything around you into your own personal keyboard. It allows you to easily type, navigate through screens, and even control smart TVs just by tapping your

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  • History Of The Family Road Trip Book

    Relive the golden age of family road trips by making Don’t Make Me Pull Over! your next reading selection. This National Lampoon’s styled read takes a nostalgic and comical look the days when the entire family crammed into the station w

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  • Build Your Own Funeral Casket Kit

    Here’s a fun DIY project that you and your estranged spouse can both look forward to building! With the build your own funeral casket kit you’ll be able to put together a modest yet tasteful casket made from sustainable pine from Wiscon

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  • Smartphone App Controlled Airplane

    Paper airplanes are so twentieth century. Step into the future of flight with this smartphone app controlled airplane. This compact carbon fiber and EPP foam airplane can be easily controlled using your smartphone and features a flight time

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  • Beer Spinning Chilling Tool

    Warm beer sucks. So get your beer cooler than a polar bear’s toe nail with the beer spinning chilling tool. This innovative device spins the can at high speeds and uses convection to rapidly cool down your disgusting warm beer in under a

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  • Steampunk USB Drive

    Save important documents just like they did in the olden days using this steampunk USB drive. Apart from its eye-catching retro sci-fi design, the thumb drive is USB 3.0 interface compatible and works with all major platforms including Linu

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  • Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

    Ensure your wireless mouse never runs out of juice by placing it atop this wireless charging mouse pad. It utilizes electromagnetic resonance to create an energy field on the surface which is then transformed into a charging current by the

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  • Mr. Meeseeks Dice & Dare Game

    If you have a problem that needs fixing but don’t know where to start, leave it to the Mr. Meeseeks dice and dare game. Players take turns drawing request cards, then roll the dice to see if the request if completed, if not they have to p

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  • Smartphone Endoscope Tube

    Now you can enlist the help of your smartphone to explore things like drain pipes and anal cavities using this USB endoscope tube. It features a waterproof 7mm camera capable of transmitting 640×480 visuals at 30 frames per second.

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