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  • Death Star Weed Grinder

    Break up your dank buds in true Imperial fashion by sticking them inside this Death Star weed grinder. Crafted from zinc alloy and aluminum, this small yet tough 3-piece Death Star comes with a kief catcher, and a magnetized top to ensure n

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  • Radioactive Uranium Ore

    Infect your loved ones with a healthy dose of radiation by putting them in direct contact with radioactive uranium ore. This naturally occurring ore contains an extremely low level of radioactivity that won’t actually harm you – but wor

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  • Cards Against Harry Potter

    Give your favorite card game a magical twist by sitting down for a rousing game of Cards Against Harry Potter. This download comes with five PDF files that contain everything you’ll need to make your own deck – complete with 387 black c

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  • Das Boot Shot Glasses

    This is one time where you won’t need to worry about air bubbles while drinking from Das Boot! These mini Das Boot shot glasses are a fun way to get wasted like the mighty Germans do. Included in this set are three mini Das Boot shot glas

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  • No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

    Quit straining your neck when you backup your car with this rear view mirror that has no blind spots. This panoramic mirror is designed to give you a complete view of your rear surroundings, and makes a great gift idea for people who drive

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  • Three Player Chess

    Chess just got even more strategic – the three player chess game expands on the classic strategy game while adding new elements such as alliances between two weaker players to attack the commanding player, or planning your moves against t

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  • Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

    In the show Man vs. Wild, Bear is put in extreme situations with little tools to survive the wilderness except his survival skills. You, however, are not Bear Grylls, so come prepared with this ultimate survival kit that includes everything

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  • Earth Shaped Fire Pit

    Set the world on fire with these Earth shaped fire pits. Each of these eye-catching fire pits is hand cut from durable carbon steel with an iron oxide finish that will provide you with years of aesthetically pleasing yet functional fires.

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  • The Survival Bandana

    While a knife is indispensable in the wild, this survival bandana shines where other tools just can’t. Printed with vital survival information, this soft-brushed polyester triangular bandana can be used for tasks like providing shelter, s

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  • Homemade Gin Kit

    Set your cocktails apart from the rest by concocting them using your very own homemade gin. This fun kit comes with everything needed so that you can turn any generic bottle of vodka into a unique and tasty home-brewed gin.

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  • Alarm Clock Rug

    Win the daily battle against the snooze button by upgrading to this alarm clock rug. The ingenious design forces you to place both of your feet on the soft memory foam rug for at least 3 seconds in order to turn the alarm clock off.

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  • Tactical Tomahawk

    Enemies won’t stand a chance against you with the tactical tomahawk firmly in your stonecold hands. With its razor sharp ax head, steel body, and crowbar built into the bottom, this is the go to weapon when you need to get out of a sticky

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