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  • Rick And Morty Light Up Portal Gun

    Escape dimension C-137 with this perfect replica of Rick’s portal gun. Visit the ruined Cronenberg World, take a trip to Buttworld, systematically dismantle the Council of Ricks; with this device your imagination is the only limit!


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  • Big Box Of Ladybugs

    Take the art of pranking to new heights with help from this big box of 4,500 live ladybugs. Apart from serving as little props for your hilarious pranks, ladybugs also make a great gift for insect enthusiasts or as a house-warming gift for

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  • Relaxing Waves Projector

    Transform your room into a serene underwater oasis with this relaxing waves projector. This compact device projects a flurry of vibrant and hypnotizing patterns designed to help you disconnect from the hectic world around you.

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  • Vintage World Map Wall Mural

    Give any room in your home a sophisticated and cultured ambiance using this vintage world map wall mural. The mural comes in eight separate pieces for easy installation so you can place it on virtually any wall in your home.

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  • Misfortune Cookies

    End your stellar dinner party on a grim note by handing out these misfortune cookies to everyone at the table. You won’t find happy fortunes about love and wealth in these cookies – only bleak fortunes that only someone with a dark sens

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  • Self Sustaining Ecosphere

    This self sustaining ecosphere is like owning your very own tiny world. The ecosphere is a balance of water, air, and life. The technology for this self sustaining ecosphere was developed by NASA scientists in an attempt to study our own pl

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  • Multi-Function Travel Jacket

    Head out wearing the Baubax multi-function travel jacket and you’ll be ready for anything your trip throws your way. Both fashionable and comfortable, this fully functional hoodie features everything from a built-in neck pillow to a passp

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  • Human Skull Fireplace Logs

    Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by setting these human skull fireplace logs ablaze. Each highly detailed human skull shaped log is made from weather resistant materials and is steel reinforced ensuring it won’t get blown away by hig

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  • 100 MPH RC Supercar

    Smash speed limits without risking a trip to the emergency room by getting behind the controls of this 100 mph rc supercar. This pint-sized speed demon has an overall speed of 100 mph and can do 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds.

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  • Ten Person Cabin Tent

    Rough it in the wild with your family in absolute luxury by lodging inside the ten person cabin tent. This massive tent features built-in dividers for added privacy and comes with a cozy little front porch ideal for relaxing in.

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  • A Can Of Whoop Ass

    Bring your threats to fruition by literally opening up a can of whoop ass on somebody! This awesome gag gift comes with a highly detailed and informative label complete with comical graphics and a list on ingredients that include “1/2 cup

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  • Water Rocket Launcher Kit

    Instantly transform any 2 liter plastic bottle into a speeding rocket using this water rocket launcher kit. Crafted from aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and durable plastic, this easy to operate kit is capable of launching a 2 liter bottl

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