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  • Titanic Ice Cube Mold

    Titanic Ice Cube Mold

    Add a touch of class to every drink with the Titanic ice cube mold, and relive the glorious failure that was the Titanic. Included in this offensively clever ice cube kit are the molds for the Titanic ship itself as well as and the merciles

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  • Ice Straws

    Ice Straws

    Your drink is always just a little bit too warm for your tastes. You need a classy straw to take care of your drink and make it just a little more fabulous. The icy straw will solve your temperature issues by keeping your mai tai nice and f

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  • Checkers Shotglass Drinking Game

    Checkers Shotglass Drinking Game

    Checkers was fun when you were a kid, but now that you’re all grown up you’ve probably wondered how you can still enjoy the game while still satisfying your drinking problem. The answer: shotglass checkers. Nothing gets a party going be

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  • Pickle Flavored Ice Pops

    Pickle Flavored Ice Pops

    Ever wish you could cool off with pickle juice? Well then feast your eyes on these pickle flavored ice pops! These refreshing treats feature a delightful zesty pickle taste and are packed with essential minerals like potassium and calcium t

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  • Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Timer

    Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Timer

    With the perfect hard boiled egg timer the days of guesstimating cooking time for your eggs are over. The hard boiled egg timer goes directly into the pot with the real eggs and calculates cooking stages to determine when the eggs are cooke

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  • The Jerky Gun

    The Jerky Gun

    Kick those healthy habits to the curb and hop aboard the cholesterol train by making some delicious treats using the jerky gun and seasoning kit. It comes with all the ingredients you’ll need to whip up tasty jerky sticks the whole family

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  • Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

    Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

    Experience candy like they do on the other side of the world when you take a break with the green leaf Kit Kat bars. This Japanese made Kit Kat bar offers a distinct green tea infused flavor that satisfies your requirement of sugar while so

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  • Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

    Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

    Nothing says Christmas like some good ol’ rotisserie chicken. So get into the holiday spirit by snacking on these delectable rotisserie chicken flavored candy canes. These festive and oddly flavored treats come in packs of six so that you

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  • Zombie Beef Jerky

    Zombie Beef Jerky

    Get your taste buds used to the meat you’ll one day eat for survival by snacking on this zombie beef jerky. Made with real zombie corpses, the contaminated flesh is cut into nice big chunks that feature a delicious flavor that tastes just

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  • Super Mario Cereal

    Super Mario Cereal

    Power up your balanced breakfast with a little flavor by serving yourself a big old bowl of Super Mario cereal. Mario has finally entered the breakfast game with this limited edition mixed berry and marshmallow cereal guaranteed to satisfy

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  • Gun Shaped Ice Cubes

    Gun Shaped Ice Cubes

    Freeze! As you wait for the gun shaped ice cubes to cool your drink. The silicone mold makes a batch of six handgun shaped ice cubes to add a bit of spice to any drink. They’re great whether your aim is to amuse guests or make a killer dr

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  • Sweet Heat Spicy Skittles

    Sweet Heat Spicy Skittles

    Give your taste buds a kick during snack time by digging into these Sweet Heat spicy Skittles. These chewy bite size treats feature all new fruity flavors with a spicy kick like lemon spark, fiery watermelon, flamin’ orange, sizzlin’ st

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