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  • 100 Deadly Skills Book

    100 Deadly Skills Book

    Keep a level head should the unthinkable happen by reading 100 Deadly Skills. Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson provides you with the knowledge and skills you will need to survive any dangerous situation like how to evade capture and successf

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  • Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads

    Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads

    Kiss the days of having to control your flatulence goodbye by using one of these fart gas neutralizing pads. They adhere discreetly to clothing and contain antimicrobial activated charcoal technology that kill the stench before innocent bys

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  • Fortune Telling Beer Glass

    Fortune Telling Beer Glass

    Those who say that you won’t find any answers at the bottom of the glass clearly never drank out of this fortune telling beer glass. Each 27 ounce cup is crafted from durable food-safe plastic and comes with a built-in fortune teller with

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  • How High Am I Journal

    How High Am I Journal

    Keep track of all the genius ideas, fleeting thoughts, and big questions that arise while flying high by writing them down in the How High Am I journal. This guided journal comes with a list of intriguing prompts and ample space to doodle a

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  • Make Your Own Neon Sign

    Make Your Own Neon Sign

    Class up your home bar’s appearance by personalizing it with your very own neon sign. Available in either a neon pink or neon blue hue, each box comes with over nine feet of flexible fixing wire that you can bend and cut into any design t

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  • Rick And Morty Light Up Portal Gun

    Rick And Morty Light Up Portal Gun

    Escape dimension C-137 with this perfect replica of Rick’s portal gun. Visit the ruined Cronenberg World, take a trip to Buttworld, systematically dismantle the Council of Ricks; with this device your imagination is the only limit!


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  • Starburst Single Flavor One Pound Bag

    Starburst Single Flavor One Pound Bag

    Stop rummaging through Starburst bags looking for the one flavor you actually enjoy eating – now you can directly order an entire pound of your favorite Starburst color and go on an insulin spiking, cavity spawning sugar rush for the ages

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  • Big Box Of Ladybugs

    Big Box Of Ladybugs

    Take the art of pranking to new heights with help from this big box of 4,500 live ladybugs. Apart from serving as little props for your hilarious pranks, ladybugs also make a great gift for insect enthusiasts or as a house-warming gift for

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  • The World’s Loudest Whistle

    The World’s Loudest Whistle

    Ensure you’re heard – no matter where you are – by blowing on the world’s loudest whistle. This heavy duty whistle outputs an eardrum-shattering 142 decibel ring that’s over 8 times louder than common sports whistles and can be he

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  • Money Rolling Papers

    Money Rolling Papers

    Give your illegal drug consumption a little Cartel flair by rolling up your narcotics with these faux money rolling papers. Styled to look like real C-notes, they’re made using organic edible ink and are designed to burn ultra-slow so you

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  • can of whoop ass

    A Can Of Whoop Ass

    Bring your threats to fruition by literally opening up a can of whoop ass on somebody! This awesome gag gift comes with a highly detailed and informative label complete with comical graphics and a list on ingredients that include “1/2 cup

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  • Tesla Coil Lighters

    Tesla Coil Arc Lighter

    Spark up in a more eco-friendly manner with the Tesla coil arc lighter. Instead of producing a flame, it utilizes intense heat to light up your cigarette and can conveniently by recharged at any outlet via the built-in USB slot located at t

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