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  • Snot Mittens

    Snot Mittens

    Keep a days-worth of germs and other body fluids at hand by putting on these comfy snot mittens. The gloves are made with a soft and ultra-absorbent material that is designed to absorb 28x its weight in snot, tears, and sweat.

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  • Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    Class up your watered down domestic brew with this beer bottle stein lid. The small lid features a sturdy metal clip that attaches to most bottles to provide a convenient way of keeping bugs out while making yourself look like a beer connoi

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    SparkSlide Coil Lighter Bottle Opener Phone Case

    SparkSlide Phone Case Plate Lighter & Bottle Opener

    Sparkslide is a rechargeable & windproof coil lighter and stainless steel beer bottle opener housed inside of a thick polycarbonate case powered by an extremely high quality polymer lithium ion battery. It is the most reliable & durable coi

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  • Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

    Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

    Give any treat a sweet and savory kick by dousing it with some coffee infused maple syrup. Handmade with real maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains, it has subtle hints of toffee, chocolate, cherry, and fudge – making it the ideal toppi

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  • Pimple Popping Toy

    Pimple Popping Toy

    Satisfy your quirky and gross obsession without resorting to unhygienic acts by grabbing a hold of this pimple popping toy. This unique and eerily satisfying toy comes with 15 plump and juicy whiteheads that are ripe for picking!

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  • Bottle Opener Ring

    Bottle Opener Ring

    Be prepared to get wasted at any given moment with the beer bottle opener ring. Forged out of stainless steel, this handsome looking ring serves the dual purpose of adorning your hand in addition to popping open your favorite brew with a fl

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  • Money Filled Soap Bar

    Money Filled Soap Bar

    If bribing is your thing, there’s no better way of getting junior to bathe than with money soap. This ingenious soap contains either a 1, 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill that becomes available once the soap is all used up – your kids will be be

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  • World’s Strongest Coffee

    World’s Strongest Coffee

    Hard drugs just became obsolete – introducing the world’s strongest coffee. Perfect for those extra busy days, this powerful roast is 200% stronger than regular blends and can keep you up for 3 days straight, as long as you don’t mind

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  • Powdered Peanut Butter

    Powdered Peanut Butter

    Enjoy a healthy snack without sacrificing flavor by seasoning your meals with powered peanut butter. Made from all natural ingredients including roasted peanuts, sugar, and salt, this gluten-free treat provides a great taste and an even gre

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  • Lazy Glasses

    Lazy Glasses

    Quit straining your neck while you read – with the lazy glasses you can lie down on your comfortable bed and still be able to enjoy a good book or magazine. The lazy glasses use a clever prism design to let you recline and look forward at

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  • Glow In The Dark Beer Pong

    Glow In The Dark Beer Pong

    Make any party an epic one by setting up a glow in the dark beer pong competition. Now thanks to the neon lit cups, balls and table you’ll be able to add an awesome effect to the most popular drinking game of all time and keep the party g

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  • Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

    Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

    Keep your cereal from getting soggy with the Obol “never soggy” cereal bowl. This one a kind cereal bowl is divided into two sections – one for your milk and one for your cereal. The Obol is also great for soup and crackers, chips and

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